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Penis Tutorials and References

A collection of penis references and tutorials I’ve ran into. If anyone knows the sources for any of these please tell me so I can pay credit where it’s due. 

To be honest I thought about not reblogging this. 

And then I said to myself, self, the choice to not reblog this might directly effect whether or not an otherwise talented artist draws yet another penis growing out of some poor guy’s belly button.

So this is honestly just for the good of us all.

I hope those of you at work have your missing e safe dash turned on.

I wonder if I shall lose any followers because of this choice. Oh well. 

Hey Echo, need these?

and then i said, “well why not”

I know this is buried in the depths of my blog already, but, here it is again!


this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

(Source: anselgifs)


sometimes he wants to sing but he’s really tired and this happens

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